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Members & Partners



Aélia  is an insurance broker specialized in aeronautical risks, mainly in General Aviation,in both fixed wings and helicopters operation, as well as wide body airliners. Aélia Assurances was created in 2001 and since then they proved its Aeronautical, Technical and Insurance expertise. | www.aelia-assurances.com

The AELIS Group offers tailor made & full in-house services. With nearly a 100 aircrafts transactions and more than its 20 years of experience in commercial and business aviation the AELIS Group team brings you unmatched services & dedication. | www.aelisgroup.com 




Aerostandard based in Croatia provides aircraft maintenance services. The company has contracts for renting hangars on important geo-traffic locations within Croatia, where larger-scale operations can be conducted. | www.aerostandard.hr

Air Connect Hungary in cooperation with Hungarian and international partners Air Connect offers aviation consultancy service for start up or further development of aviation related businesses, airlines or airports | www.airconnect.hu

Business Aviation Solutions created to provide private jet owners and operators with a level of innovation, technology, service, and success unheard of in the industry. ARINC Direct delivers a first-class suite of services in every aspect of business aviation. | www.arincdirect.com

Aviation Service is a leading avionics, special systems and engineering company active in Central and Eastern Europe serving the military, commercial  and private aviation sector, based at Prague-Ruzyne airport they offer non-stop FBO and handling service. |  www.aviationservice.com


Since 2002, Avinode has been at the forefront of the private aviation industry as the tool for booking private jet charter online. When we started, sourcing and marketing available flights was a bit too complicated for our liking…  |  www.avinode.com




Established in 1991 at the historical Tempelhof airport, the company acts as a representative and recognised Service Center for Hawker Beechcraft in Berlin and the former East German states. www.berlin-aviation.com

Bombardier Aerospace is a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of innovative aviation products for the business,commercial, specialized and amphibious aircraft markets. They have the most comprehensive aircraft portfolio and we hold the number one position in business and regional aircraft. | www.bombardier.com


The Cessna Aircraft Company is an airplane manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Their main products are general aviation aircraft. Although they are the most well known for their small, piston-powered aircraft, they also produce business jets. The company is a subsidiary of the U.S. conglomerate Textron.  |  www.cessna.com

FL3XX is the first and only integrated, online CRM and ERP for Business Jet Airlines. FL3XX reduces the sales cycle from 1 hour to 1 minute. FL3XX handles the entire workflow of Business Jet Airlines and overall it increases bottomeline efficiency of a typical Business Jet Airline by more than 20%. The customers are operators of business jets with fleets from 3 to 300 aircraft – a market growing 6%. | www.fl3xx.com


GDN is a ground handling agent providing handling of aircraft, passengers and baggage at Gdańsk Airport. Traditional, low-cost and charter carriers, as well as business aviation are among their clients.  | www.gdnas.pl


Grossmann Jet Service was set up in 2004. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, the company offers executive charter flights all around the world, aircraft management, brokerage and consultancy. | www.grossmannjet.com


Loyd’s Aviation Group

Established in 1988, Loyd’s Aviation Group has earned its reputation as a leader in the Aviation and Aerospace industries. With fundamental know-how & a large variety of capabilities and services, the group has a competitive advantage in today’s challenging aviation market.
Loyd’s Aviation Group deals in the sale and marketing of business and commercial aircraft and equipment, represents leading OEMs in the Aerospace business, procures financing for large scale transactions, assists and consults individuals & airlines, including startup companies, on installing, renewing and upgrading their aircraft fleet. 



Hawker Beechcraft Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of business, special-mission and trainer aircraft – designing, marketing and supporting aviation products and services for businesses, governments and individuals worldwide. | www.hawkerbeechcraft.com


Hayward Aviation Ltd. is the largest specialist aviation insurance broker in the UK. They provide cover for approximately 85% of all helicopters and roughly 60% of all light aircraft on the UK Register.  |  www.haywards.net

Manufacturers, suppliers and operators look to Honeywell to deliver innovative new products, services and technologies to meet the demands of business aviation now and in the future. Their commitment to the industry prepares solutions that enhance safety and efficiency.  |   www.honeywellbusinessaviation.com




ICM Aviation  is based  on the Isle of Man and provides aircraft owners and operators with solutions to a number of inter-related issues such as corporate ownership structures, aircraft registration, tax efficiency, insurance, importation and VAT. ICM Aviation is part of the ICM group which was founded in 1984 and is a business name of Inter-Continental Management Limited which is licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man. | www.i.im


JETEX is a leading innovator in the  world of flight support. Their international team provide dedicated round-the-clock service orchestrating precision support to any location, handling every detail of private flights, including aircraft charter, overflight and landing permits, flight planning, fuel supply, ground handling, post flight logistics.  |  www.jetex.aero



Jet Support Services, Inc. is the world’s largest independent provider of hourly cost maintenance programs for aircraft engines and airframes. JSSI provides its clients with comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial tools for managing the costs of operating and maintaining nearly all types of turbine-powered aircraft.   |   www.jetsupport.com


The Company connects customers to the best available aviation services, anywhere in the world. They also connect various elements of the flight process together so customers get to experience the perfect flight.  | www.nexus.aero


The Multi Service Aero card provides operators with one convenient method to pay for all aircraft related charges, including discounted fuel, handling, trip planning and much more. It is accepted at over 7,500 locations in more than 190 countries. Cardholders have online access to the latest fuel prices and various reporting tools. Available 24/7 for trip planning and fuel quotes. | www.multiservice.com

Nomad Aviation is the unique combination of European Tradition, Asian Spirit and Swiss Precision. A unique flying experience, tailored and designed around your individual expectations and wishes. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.They operate at highest safety levels with a meticulous professionalism, focused on uncompromised quality standards.  | www.nomadjet.ch


Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for customers in aerospace and defense. Their expertise in flight-deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, information management and simulation and training is strengthened by their global service and support network spanning 27 countries.  | www.rockwellcollins.com


Swiss Aviation Consulting is an independent advisory  group headquartered in Holzhäusern/Zug, Switzerland. Their staff averaging 20 years of experience in the field, focus on the following fields:  Aviation Industry Advisory, Aircraft Asset Management,  Aviation Executive Recruitment,  CAMO+ | www.swic.aero






WINGX provides data, market intelligence and consulting on the global business aviation market for customers including aircraft manufacturers, engine and avionics suppliers, airports, MRO businesses, aircraft operators, brokers, fuel suppliers, FBOs, insurance companies, banks, investors and owners of business aviation aircraft. | www.wingx-advance.com



With over a decade of operational excellence, UAS is an industry leader in providing international trip support services. Differentiated by its fully fledged in-house Operational Centre, UAS experts are available 24/7 to arrange permits on short notice, coordinate ground handling services & fuel uplifts in challenging regions across the globe. | www.uas.ae




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